Our Judges Lists are compiled annually by the SCWT Club of GB Judges Sub-Committee at their meeting held at the  National Terrier Show every April in accordance with The Kennel Club's Code of Best Practice.

Updates for those judges on the B and C Lists are requested annually, usually December/January. Those whose status has changed will normally be notified in writing after the lists have been endorsed by the SCWT Club of GB main committee in April/May, as will new applicants.
Show Secretaries please note: The SCWT Club of GB will donate £10.00 to support your show if you appoint a judge from the C list.  We do this in order to help the C List judges gain experience to move on to the B list. 
Please notify the Club Sec: Linda Salisbury or Judges Sub-Committee Chairman if  you wish to claim a donation.  Please forward a schedule of your show to the Club Sec:  Linda Salisbury.  
Prospective judges who wish to be included on the SCWT Club Judges List can download an application form and send it to Mrs Margaret House.  Or please send a stamped addressed envelope to Mrs Margaret House requesting an application form and one will be posted out to you.
Mrs. Margaret House
32 Oaktree Park
EX20 2NB