Verne's Travel Diary


Jules and Verne have packed their bags and are off on their big trip. Jules is staying close to home and is on a tour of Great Britain. You can catch up with Jules' adventures by clicking here.

Verne is travelling the world, and you can see his diary below.

Their quest is to link up all SCWT friends at home and around the world by visiting as many homes as possible as part of the SCWTCGB Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Can you keep them moving forward and host them on their venture? To commemorate we ask you take a photo, sign their passport and pass on to another SCWT household. 

BUT ... like Cinderella they have a deadline. They MUST be back at The Royal Court Hotel Coventry by Saturday 31st October 2015 where they will be guests of honour. Verne is to be auctioned and Jules is to be raffled in aid of the Jubilee Fund and our chosen charity Support Dogs.

At Crufts, SCWT Club of GB Committee Chair, Jane Charleton (right) hands Verne over to Margaret Gray (left) at the start of his travels.
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Verne arrived in Ireland just in time for St. Patrick's Day to celebrate with the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers at The Celtic Winners Show. He was so taken with the Emerald Isle that he played truant from his minder Margaret A. Gray and although expected to travel to Australia with her, he hid until she had departed and remained in Ireland for a few extra weeks!
During his stay in Ireland he was in the safe hands of Jennifer and the Kealdale Wheatens, they were fascinated by him and as for the Airedales! I could hear them say "oh no, not another one" but all was well. His first outing was to the Dog Expo on 17th March where he ably manned the breed stand along with Reesha and Macy. He basked in all the attention he received, a great ambassador for the breed. Next adventure was a visit to Wicklow, the Garden of Ireland, to visit with Mark & Jackie and 3 black Labradors and a Springer Spaniel. We all went for a ramble up the lane and photos were taken of the beautiful scenery, with Verne either hiding or showing off! He wasn't too happy perched on the sharp, thorny gorse bushes but enjoyed the comfort of the cosy fire in their living room, typical Wheaten!
He went to Dun Laoghaire with Jennifer, hoping to scuba dive! The sea was choppy and he got cold feet at the thought of riding the waves in the little boat and remained on shore and did a bit of retail therapy! The next leg of his journey to Australia saw him returning to the U.K. in the company of Richard and Kerry Blue Ch. Il Divo to take in National Terrier. No doubt Richard was delighted with his good luck charm as Divo took CC & BOB!
He was safely handed over to his travelling companion to Oz, leaving us with many happy memories of Verne's Irish Adventure. Bon Voyage Verne!
5th April 2015.  Verne takes 5 to watch Best In Show judging at National Terrier at Stafford yesterday during a fleeting visit. Just time for a photo shoot with the Our Dogs photographer to promote the Support Dogs charity before shooting off to Heathrow. He takes off tomorrow with BA to Sydney. He's booked in First Class seat 2E. It's VIP treatment all the way for our goodwill ambassador. Next stop Singapore.
 6th April 2015.  Verne gets comfy on his First Class seat en route to Singapore.  Verne decides his complimentary pyjamas just won't fit.
 7th April 2015.  Verne has just landed Down Under!  Checking into the Westin Hotel Sydney for a few zzzzzzs before collection and off to meet Wheaten friends at the Royal Show.
7th April 2015.  Verne landed on time in Sydney in the land Downunder this morning at 0500 and was collected by Jeanette Grayston and Elizabeth Byrne from the SCWTBC of NSW at 0715. After a light breakfast, he was driven to the Olympic Park in Sydney to be guest of honour at the Royal Sydney Purina Pro Plan Easter Dog Show Breed Stand Day. Verne attracted lots of interest from the hundreds of visitors to the show and here he is with Jeanette and Elixabeth, one with Kerry Christofi and her colleagues from Dogs NSW and another with Susanna and Caitlin.
Next photo of Verne with Dogs NSW staff
Verne with Jeanette Grayston, President of the SCWTBC of NSW and Inneke.

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