News from the Committee Room

News and updates from the Committee will be posted here.


Committee Meeting 20/3/16

As usual the minutes from previous meetings were discussed & action points updated. The Treasurers Report was delivered by Alison Fallon and we had received a written report of the latest rehome cases from Rob Watkins. This led to a discussion regarding the forthcoming legal requirement for all dogs to be micro-chipped & where we stand with dogs that are put up for rehome.

Final arrangements were made for the forthcoming AGM (17/4/16) with a reminder for folks to bring their own lunch as there is no catering on site other than beverages & biscuits on arrival. Agenda & voting papers will be out shortly.

A reminder from Trophy Secretary Chris Satherley that all General Ch Show Club Trophies need to be returned either before or at the AGM for issue to 2015 winners. Any queries contact Chris (

Two additional trophies have been generously donated for OSN Veteran classes by Bev Hanna & Denise Pascoe.

OSS & Crufts feedback – comments were favourable from both shows and excellent feedback received on our final total of £4500 presented to our Jubilee charity "Support Dogs" plus £375 raised via the sale of Liz Hill's Diamond Wheatens.
Judy reported Discover Dogs was busy with more leaflets issued than ever before! A big vote of Thanks to all the owners & dogs who participated and they must have really enjoyed the experience as Judy has nearly filled the 2017 rota already!

Plans were discussed for the first Wheaten Fundays of the year – West & Midway on the 1/5/16 & 12/6/16. As usual any offers of help, raffle or cake donations all gratefully accepted, please contact the organiser of the relevant fun day - West- Margaret House ( & Midway Rob Watkins ( Full details available on

Denise Pascoe gave feedback on the membership renewal to date, which is going well especially considering the new renewal date. The main problem experienced is members forgetting to cancel and reset up S/O for new membership rates. The option to renew via the shop on the website has proved popular.

Correspondence was discussed and replies agreed where appropriate.
The first full meeting of the new committee will take place on 15/5/16.

Com Mtg 15th November 2015:

The Committee Health meeting took place during the morning led by the Club Health Team Leader
Judy Creswick. The majority of the meeting was dedicated to the arrangements for our forthcoming Health Seminar to be held 6/2/15 at Hasland Village Hall, Derbyshire. More details to follow shortly when final details are confirmed.

We are hoping to hold an Eye Testing Session at Funday South next year for our members to utilise and to encourage pet owners of dogs aged 8 upwards to participate, as this is a key age for identifying potential future problems early. Obviously the more people who participate the cheaper the Club can offer the eye tests.

The Club Puppy Handbook is currently being updated in particular the breed health information section.

Judy stated that she had received approx. 42 reports of deceased Wheatens over the past 12months but the majority were between the ages of 13 to 15 years of age, so overall this would indicate the SCWT life span is increasing.
Judy reported that she had received minimal reports of blood storage (DNA) from the membership as agreed at the previous AGM.

Judy advised that following the KC Breed Health Officer Seminar there is a Breed Population Analysis on the KC website aimed at estimating the loss of genetic diversity – SCWT is improving.

The second half of the day was a normal committee meeting where previous minutes were discussed and amended. The Treasurer's & Rehome report were discussed. Committee AGM proposals were discussed and agreed.

Final arrangements were made for the Judges Seminar on the 29th November.

The Jubilee Champ Show & Gala Weekend feedback was excellent both on the day and following the event with Linda receiving several letters of "Thanks" which she shared with us.

The committee are really proud their work over the past 18mnths has resulted in such a special occasion for all concerned and a "vote of thanks" was recorded for our Chairwoman Jane Charleton who has inspired & empowered us, as a team, to undertake so many fantastic Jubilee activities making the Club's 60th year one to be remembered by all our membership.

The OSS schedule will be posted out with the winter bulletin as usual but will be available to download shortly.

Several non-urgent items are to be carried forward to the next Committee Meeting Agenda to take place at the end of Jan 2016 weather permitting.

Com Mtg:  11th October 2015
We started the very full agenda as usual with Apologies & Minutes from the previous meeting which were finalised, agreed & action points updated. We had received the Treasurer and Rehome reports via email beforehand from Alison Fallon & Robert Watkins.
OSN feedback received was discussed, mainly comments around the new venue which was in the main positive, in particular around the brilliant sponsorship we had received yet again from Prince of Pies, both by the main winners prizes donated, the Hamper Raffle and the excellent Lunch Buffet provided on the day. Kind offers of donation of Trophies for the Veteran Classes were accepted. The show returns to Wreay for 2016 and back to Durham 2017 both on the day following Terrier Day at

The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to our Diamond Jubilee Gala Dinner plans and update on our fundraising for Support Dogs which is going excellently. The final number of Gala Dinner Tickets sold is 130 and we have achieved the donation of 60 prizes for the Diamond Jubilee raffle.
Rob Watkins (Show Manager) had visited the venue recently, whilst the Bull Mastiff show was being held, to get a feel for how we can best use the area's available to us. He presented his ideas for us to discuss and in addition to this the timing for the day /evening were discussed & fine-tuned as much as we can beforehand! With the excellent entry for the show and it is going to be a very busy day which will need to run like clockwork, to allow the preparation for the Gala Dinner, as they are both in the same venue!
We were updated on Verne's travels and he is returning to us via Paris to join us at the Gala weekend and Jules is also homeward bound.
Proposals for the 2016 AGM were suggested/discussed with agreement reached to review / finalise at the meeting next month.
A proportion of the non-urgent agenda items were carried forward to the November meeting in order to allow us time to concentrate fully on the Gala weekend.
Urgent Correspondence was discussed and replies agreed where appropriate.
A brief update was given on how the final Jubilee Year events were progressing (Judges Seminar Nov 15 & Health seminar Feb 2016).
Next Committee/Health meeting: 15/11/15.
Final reminder, please return your sold Jubilee raffle tickets (posted out with Spring Bulletin) either direct to Alison Fallon, handover to a committee member at Midland Counties or return at the Champ Show.
Don't forget your sealed bids for the Secret Auction lots (Verne & his original Travel Log, Portrait of your dog & Monthly Prince Of Pies Hamper) will be accepted at the Champ Show also.

23rd September 2015

In reply to queries regarding this year’s Champ Show, which is being held at the Royal Court Hotel followed by our Gala Dinner. The show will be held indoors in the main hall which is a very large carpeted area. There will be a small grooming area in the adjoining conservatory and an additional grooming area will be designated in the main hall. Several breeds use this venue for their shows so the hotel is fully conversant with dog show requirements.

Food & Drinks will be available to purchase throughout the day via the Hotel.  

There will be a collection ring in operation for all classes in order to keep things moving, as we need to vacate the room before 5.00pm to allow the hotel time to prepare the room for Dinner & the Group to set up etc.


With only 6 Championship shows left until the end of the year, I would like to remind all owners of dogs who have won a CC this year, to email me ( ) a show pose photo for inclusion in the 2016 Yearbook Roll Of Honour, by the end of November (with the exception of LKA - deadline asap afterwards).  


The deadline to place an advert in the Jubilee Year Book at the reduced prices is 31/10/15 – reservations/payment will be taken during the day at the Champ Show or email Julie Herbert with your requirements or  for assistance with advert layout etc

( ).   

8th September 2015


Our Diamond Jubilee Silent Auction will take place after the Gala Dinner on Saturday 31st October.


There are three items up for auction:


·       Verne the globetrotting Wheaten and his original travel log (reserve £100 worldwide bids)


·       A hand painted portrait of your dog by Wheaten owner Andrea Clarke (reserve £150 UK bids only)


·       A Prince of Pies hamper every month for a year, worth over £400 (reserve£150 UK bids only)


Sealed bids for Verne will be accepted from anywhere in the world.


To make a bid write down the amount you are bidding and your contact details and place in a sealed envelope marking which auction item the bid is for on the outside of the envelope.


Place this within another envelope and post it to the SCWTC of GB Treasurer to arrive by 25/10/15. Please enclose your contact details & email address in a separate envelope marked “e mail” if you want confirmation that your bid has been received.


Alternatively sealed bids for all three items can be handed in during the Championship Show or at the Gala Dinner.


The sealed bids will not be opened until on the night.


Any queries contact Alison Fallon



2nd September 2015

As the time fast approaches for the “ The SCWT Club Of GB Championship Show and Gala Jubilee Dinner” 

this is a reminder for those that have not booked tickets yet! There will be a limited number of tickets available for the Gala Dinner until 30/9/15 via Alison Fallon.

The price is £35 (under 18’s £17) to include 3 course Gala Dinner, Live Band, Disco, Jubilee Raffle & Auction.
Hotel Bed and Breakfast rates - Double £60, Single £50, Dogs £10 per room. Please book rooms directly with the Hotel Events Team on 0247 633 4171

For those that have ordered tickets already a reminder that the balance of payment and choice of main course must be with Alison by 30/9/15.   

The meat main course is Chicken wrapped in Bacon and the vegetarian main course is Goats Cheese and Red Pepper Wellington. 

If the vegetarian option is not pre-ordered the main course served will be chicken & bacon and can not be changed on the night.

Seating arrangements need to be pre planned so any requests to be seated with friends please make Alison aware and she will try to accommodate if possible!
Alison Fallon contact details email:   Tel No: 07723 307944


12th July 2015

Fun Day South

The weather forecast was sunshine and showers for Sunday 5th July but as we had booked both rooms of the Steventon Village Hall for the day, there would be plenty of room if it should rain. We set up the day for the Fun classes to be outside, the Good Citizen assessing in the small hall and Junior Handling, Grooming, kitchen and dining area and the bookstall in the main hall. The day was well attended with approximately 50 wheatens. Ann Gilogley was our Good Citizen assessor for the day and 13 wheatens passed their Bronze level - well done all. The Junior Handling training was given inside by Murdoch a larger than life size Support Dogs mascot ( with a little help from Linda Salisbury). The assessing then took place outside in the ring the winners of age 6-11 were:

1st Laurie Webb with Sookie
2nd Noah Butland with Poppy
3rd Xander Orchard with Barney
4th Abbi Cairns with Roxy
5th Isabelle Wallace-Iles with Womble
Age 12-16
1st Hannah Souter with Bo
2nd Isobella Orchard with Barney
3rd Daisy with Dolly
The Fun classes commenced with a delightful puppy parade of 13 puppies all very well behaved with good mix of Heavy and Irish coats.

Our judge for the day, Jude Godwin then chose her Best Veteran from an entry of 4, which was won by Dewey aged  131/2 with Jackie Driver. The Best Rehome was the beautiful Darcie with Nicky, who was recently rehomed with help from Rob Watkins our club Rehome Co-ordinator. The waggiest tail, sausage trail race and best handler took place then at 3 pm we had a Teabreak. Our Diamond Jubilee cake was cut for us by our special guest and Wheaten Archive Specialist Barbara Penney. Throughout the day two young girls Isabella & Kerenza volunteered and tirelessly sold squares on the Find a Flea competition until they were all gone raising £94 for the Diamond Jubilee Fund. The lucky winner was Josh Wilson who will have a portrait of his dog Willow painted by the talented artist Andrea Clarke.
The judging then continued with the Fancy Dress competition this was won jointly by Darryl Patrick and Wally dressed as pirates and coincidently also dressed as a pirate was Orla with Linda Salisbury. At this point the heavens opened and everyone dashed inside where the final 3 classes, the dog the judge would most like to take home, musical sits and the best trick concluded the judging. Jude and Ann were presented with gifts and thanked for being our judges and thanks were also given to Julie and Paul Herbert and Chris Tilley for their excellent catering, to Helen Johnstone and Barbara Lawrence for being our Grooming Guides and Nicole  Meister for being our photographer for the day.
A good time was had by all and I am sure all the wheatens slept all the way home after all the excitement.
Fun Day North East

Wheaten Funday North East, was held in Durham on Sunday, 5th July. The day was warm and dry, so happily all the events took place in the sunshine, on the wonderful grassy area outside the hall. There were 44 human visitors on the occasion with 27 dogs between them, 2 of which were honorary Wheatens for the day. Everyone, including the Judges for the day, Mechelle Jacques and Hannah Pearson, enjoyed the fun classes, even those human entries that were “forced “ by Denise Pascoe to bare their legs for the Best 6 Legs competition! Vet, Gill Maxwell, gave an excellent first aid talk during the half time break. Excellent food and drinks were available from the brilliant refreshments team of Judy Creswick, Julie Sheldon and Cynthia Pinnock. Grooming advice and demonstrations were provided by Tracy Axon, and the Committee team of Denise Pascoe, Rob Watkins & Chris Satherley were on hand meet & greet, offer advice, as well as man the bookstall and steward for the fun classes.


22nd June 2015

The expected return of the archives by Ian Frank to the Committe, as discussed at the AGM, has unfortunately been delayed as a result of a family illness. We are still waiting to hear when will be a more suitable time for this to take place, and will update the membership, via the website, as soon as this has been agreed.


Committee meeting 7th June 2015

Here is a summary of the key information from our meeting for you...

As usual Minutes from the previous meeting were discussed & action points updated. The Treasurers Report was delivered by Alison Fallon, followed by Robert Watkins giving us an update on the latest rehome cases.
Final arrangements were made for the following Wheaten Days:-

Midway: 14/6/15 Middlewich - Organiser Rob Watkins (
South: 5/7/15 Steventon - Organiser Alison Fallon (
North East: 5/7/15 Organiser - Denise Pascoe (
South East: 19/7/15 Organise - Carol Hughlock (

Full addresses etc available on

As usual any offers of help, raffle or cake donations all gratefully accepted, please contact the organiser of the relevant fun day.

Correspondence was discussed and replies agreed where appropriate, it was nice to receive numerous "Thank You " letters from previous Committee Members for their unique Janeyjimjams Award they had received from Jane Charleton (Chairwoman).

The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to our Diamond Jubilee Gala Dinner plans and update on our fundraising for Support Dogs which are both going well, with 96 tickets for the dinner sold so far and numerous donations of prizes for our Jubilee Raffle & Auction – more prizes needed if any Wheaten owners with businesses would like to donate a prize in return for a mention in the catalogue, contact Linda or Alison.

Please remember to return your sold Jubilee raffle tickets (posted out with Spring Bulletin) either direct to Alison Fallon or handover to a committee member at a show or funday - as they say "you've got to be in it to win it"!

Just to clarify the Dress Code for the Gala Dinner is "Dress To Impress" which allows guests to wear smart attire they feel comfortable in (though no jeans or trainers please!). The theme is Diamonds so Ladies (& Gents?) feel free to "bling" up your outfits!

Please don't miss out on a brilliant evening and join us to celebrate the Clubs Diamond Jubilee - if you haven't already booked contact Alison ASAP.

Finally a "Thank you" Worldwide & Nationally for the enthusiasm in moving Verne & Jules around and posting the photos of their travels.


Mini Com Mtg 19/4/15

Following this year's AGM held at Weedon Bec the Committee held its mini meeting during which the President began by welcoming the new committee member Chris Satherley and congratulated Rob Watkins on his successful re-election.
The committee voted on the application's received for this Jubilee year Chairperson – Jane Charleton being re-elected by a majority vote.
The outstanding minutes were amended /approved. Duties & dates for 2016 events were discussed briefly to be confirmed at next mtg.
Main priority of the day was to finalise arrangements for our first 2 Wheaten Days of the Jubilee Year, FD West to be held on Sun 3rd May 2015 at Edington Village Hall, nr. Bridgwater TA7 9LD -
(Organiser - Margaret House) followed by FD Midway on Sun 14th June 2015 at Middlewich Community Centre CW10 9BX (Organiser - Rob Watkins).
To celebrate our Diamond Jubilee Year with all our members, entries to all Fun Days will be free.
Any offers to assist at either event or donations of raffle prizes or cake - all gratefully received.
Feedback from OSS was shared including a" Thank You" letter from Judge Lynn Carter. Rob Watkins (Show Manager) shared briefly some new ideas having had the opportunity to reflect on the new venue.
The next meeting is the 7/6/15 returning to our normal Bulkington venue.
Unfortunately we are substantially short on committee members in this our Jubilee year but following the AGM where it was agreed that we could appoint members to assist with specific duties (without having to be co-opted on to the committee and attend meetings etc). So if anyone has always wanted to be more involved but not tied to attend regular meetings, now is your chance -please speak to one of the committee.