Dates for our next Grooming Workshop:

WHEN?                              SUNDAY, 14TH MAY 2017

WHERE?                            MIDDLEWICH COMMUNITY CENTRE

 Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 9BX

TIME?                                Starting at 10am (until 4pm)

COST?                               £25 per person with 1 dog. £15 per person without dog.

WHAT WILL YOU GET?        Expert instruction in how to groom your Wheaten; advice, supervision & guidance throughout     the day; tea, coffee & lunch.





Keep checking back here for further announcements of dates for grooming workshops being held throughout the year all over the UK. 


How to make a grooming workshop happen near you!


The popularity of Grooming Workshops continues to grow. It is not unusual for groomers to have attended three or even four Workshops. It seems the flow and structure of the day is as pleasant as the learning opportunity and confidence building facilitated by a first class team of experienced willing helpers called Grooming Buddies.

It is not unusual here in Church Crookham, in Hampshire, for the on-call vet to join us for lunch and stay for the remaining programme freely allowing us to pick her brains and give advice and hints, e.g. if you cut an ear use cornflower as it helps it coagulate! She claims it is one of her great pleasures to get Wheaten cuddles and always looks forward to our Workshops. Maybe her reassuring presence inspires confidence as we have never had to use her professional services.

Apart from the bargain basement price, good food is included and expert guidance and group supervision is offered, however occasionally a one to one basis is made available for the more difficult models or nervous groomers.

I personally think the main reason for the success of the day is the pleasant and conducive atmosphere. Much effort goes into creating and maintaining this sense of quiet peace. Even the most rebellious dog eventually settles. A room full of youngsters wriggling on tables possibly for the first time handled by novice groomers wielding brand new ultra sharp scissors means calmness is an essential top priority primarily for health and safety. Please do not be offended if we politely insist on the following criteria to promote and encourage calmness:

1. All dogs remain in cars whilst you set up and settle in.

2.  No children under 12. Even the best behaved children eventually get bored which distracts parents and could lead to accidents. This event is not ideally suitable for children. Remember this is a workshop.

3. No puppies under 6 months. It's just too long a day for a baby puppy.

4.  Only dogs attending the Workshop as models are permitted inside. An excited visiting dog walking about will seriously disrupt dogs on tables.

5.  If your dog is seriously matted, the dog will NOT be dematted, however the dog will be given full attention and appropriate grooming administered to rectify the situation.

Another major contributory factor of the increasing demand and success of the Grooming Workshops is almost certainly the calibre of the Grooming Buddies. Here in Church Crookham we are blessed to have a dedicated core of excellent Buddies including a professional accredited Groomer. All originally attended Grooming workshops and are committed to help promote wheaten health and wellbeing through good grooming practises by taking their expertise and share their skills; generously giving up of their own time and expense to other wheaten owners who like them were once unsure or nervous of trimming, or more likely had experienced disastrous results at a Groomers.

In these cash strapped times it is unreasonable to expect these same Buddies to travel all over the country. Yet it is the Committee's wish the Grooming workshop format is available to all. So how can we implement the same resource nation wide? Here's how....

Anyone who wishes to attend a Grooming Workshop is invited to register an interest on the form below. Then future Grooming Workshops can be organised according to demand.


If you want a Workshop near you, in your area, then why not organise one! Keep a lookout for a suitable venue and once found, liaise with Julie Herbert, the Grooming Workshop Co-ordinator (see Club Committee Contacts page).

The venue can either be a village hall, community centre etc. and must be dog friendly with a working kitchen, ample parking, and preferably outside space. Any local offers of help in opening up the hall, collecting key, serving food, helping out or even volunteering to be a Buddy are necessary. The Committee will provide a trainer and support. Unfortunately halls do vary in hire charges and the cost of the Workshop may vary according to overheads as numbers need to be limited.

These are wonderful opportunities for local Wheaten get-togethers such as is happening in Little Baddow. Past Workshop attendee Caroline Wardle decided she'd like a Workshop in her corner of Essex and went about organising a venue, Buddies, helpers, and plans to cook and serve lunch even though she will be a groomer herself. Well done, Caroline. I hope this initiative inspires other owners to get involved. This way a Grooming Workshop can come to your area. Start looking.

Jane Charleton
Principal Grooming Workshop trainer

Grooming Workshops for your Wheaten!!

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