This list was updated on  13th March 2017 

Please note: This list is published as a form of advertising and as such the adverts are placed by individual breeders and inclusion on the list is not a recommendation by the SCWT Club of GB.

The choice / decision and responsibility is entirely down to the purchaser.   


                                                                          Litter Adverts.





Area: Wiltshire                              DOB: 29/1/17


Kennel: Amberstar                             Dogs: 5


Contact: Marjorie Taylor                    Bitches: 3


Phone: 01373 822958                Coat Type:Mixed









Area: Hampshire                              DOB: 1/2/17


Kennel: Keevasdream                       Dogs: 5


Contact: Carol Hughlock                   Bitches: 3



Phone: 01256 881442                Coat Type:Mixed


            07540 174384                                           






Kennel: Loofahsa                             DOB:13/2/17


Contact: Tony Brooks                         Bitches: 3


Phone: 07884 483233

07776 150 212 / 01568 770 476       Dogs: 3


Email:  Coat Type:Irish




Area:  Wiltshire


Contact: Sally Gurney                  Due:19/3/17


Phone: 01225 782032                Coat Type: Irish

             07767 787723      






Area: Cheltenham                        Due:12/4/17   


Affix: Barleythrift                          


Contact: Rachel Court                                                                                        

Phone: 07815701920  



                                                     Coat Type:Irish