2021 OPEN SHOW SOUTH – 4th July 2021 – See important “Additional Information for Attendees” message below.

Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, the decision has been made to postpone the SCWT Club of GB Open Show South until later in the year when it is hoped that it is safer for everyone concerned.

The date of this show is now scheduled for the 4th July 2021.

This is the same day as the scheduled WFD South and both events will take place on the same day at Steventon Village Hall, with the OSS taking place in the morning, and the Funday in the afternoon, and once all OSS judging is concluded.


Health and Safety Notice: A nominated Safety Officer will be in attendance throughout the show. Exhibitors and spectators are reminded that just as SCWT CLUB of GB has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all those attending their event, all those present have a duty and responsibility for their own safety. They are therefore expected to take the greatest care to avoid guy ropes, uneven surfaces and other hazards which are inevitable and integral elements of a dog show. Those bringing and using portable items of equipment such as folding chairs, trolleys, cages and grooming tables also have a responsibility to ensure that their tools, equipment and furniture is used and erected safely and does not constitute a hazard to others. Exhibitors are also reminded that they should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the prevailing conditions on the site. Exhibitors show at their own risk and if they consider conditions are not ideal or are unsafe they may withdraw their dog/s from classes.


Additional Information for Attendees: Thanks to all who are intending to attend the Open Show South and/or the Fun Day on Sunday 4th. We look forward to welcoming you.

Due to Covid restrictions there are strict guidelines that we have to abide by to be able to hold this event and keep everyone safe. Please comply with any requests made by the Organisers. The following is here to assist you to plan your attendance .
The entry for the Show, and judge Sherrill Goodwin, is 29 making 44 entries. The show opens at 0830 and judging commences at 0930. We hope to run the show outside, but this is obviously dependant on weather conditions.
The car park has some spaces that cannot be used due to building work, please do NOT park on the grass, and also be respectful of the neighbours.
On arrival please report to the Secretary’s desk and supply your details for Track and Trace (these will be retained for 21 days)
Catalogues, programmes and ring numbers will be on the table for you to collect.
Due to the restrictions the maximum allowed inside the hall at any one time is 30 people, there is therefore no grooming area provided so we suggest you arrive with your dog “ring ready”.

There will be signs showing entrance and exit and the one way system, please comply with all notices.
Sadly we are unable to provide any catering so either bring a picnic or visit the local shop. Please bring your own chairs or picnic blankets.

Remember masks, sanitiser and social distance at all times ( explain that to your Wheaten!!)
Masks are to be worn in the ring and exhibitors are asked to show their dogs dentition.

After the class has been judged, prize cards and rosettes will be available for collection at a separate table.
Cups will now not be awarded on the day as not all have been returned, they will be available after restrictions have been lifted or the AGM.
As previously stated, we hope that the weather will allow the events to be held outside. You are welcome to bring gazebos/shelters/umbrellas, but it is your responsibility to ensure they are safe.

For your own safety please be mindful of conditions underfoot.
If there are any last-minute changes they will be posted on Facebook or here on the Club website.
We appreciate that this is a different experience from previous shows and Fun Days, but we hope that you will work with us to have an enjoyable and safe day in these uncertain times.