Area Reps

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is exuberant and affectionate.

What are Area Reps?

In the early 90s, the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GB appointed a network of area representatives, whose role was to help Wheaten Terrier owners with any problems that they may have, and to serve as contacts for prospective Wheaten Terrier owners who wanted to know more about the breed and meet a Wheaten Terrier before deciding if this was the right breed of dog for them. This proved to be a very successful scheme. So much so that there are currently over 50 area reps spread throughout the country – all of whom are experienced Wheaten Terrier owners.

When a prospective owner visits an area rep, first and foremost they will have the opportunity to interact with a Wheaten Terrier in its home environment. Equally important though is the advice that Area Reps can offer on numerous subjects, such as: –
* How to go about finding a reputable breeder.
* Health tests that should be carried out on both adult dogs and puppies.
* Grooming requirements.

Why it is important that anyone interested in getting a Wheaten Terrier should visit an Area Rep first?

Many breeders will ask prospective owners to visit their nearest Area Rep, to ensure that a Wheaten Terrier is the right breed for them, and before the breeder will consider them as a potential home for one of their pups. So, it’s perhaps no coincidence that, whilst the incidence of Wheaten Terriers needing rehomed is relatively low, the majority of those that are in need of rehoming do tend to have originated from breeders that aren’t Club members and therefore don’t utilise the area rep scheme.

How to find your nearest Area Rep?

For more information, and help to find the contact details for your nearest area rep, please email the following link –