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President: Mrs Judy Creswick

Chair of Committee: Mrs Sandy Booth

Treasurer: Mr Paul Marshall

Acting Secretary: Mrs Helen Reaney

Committee Members: Mrs Harriet Bye, Mrs Pamela Clarke, Mrs Suzi Gale, Ms Sue Gent, Miss Tracy Hammond, Mrs Sally Johnson, Miss Julia Nevinson, Mrs Elizabeth Shrive, Mrs Sharne Williams.

Co-opted to Committee: Mrs Jane Amel-Azizpour

Mrs Judy Creswick - President

Additional Responsibilities to those of President: Wheaten Fun Day Scotland Organiser

Contact me

Mrs Sandy Booth - Chair of Committee

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Mr Paul Marshall - Treasurer

Additional Responsibilities to those of Treasurer: Wheaten Fun Day West Team, Wheaten Fun Day South Team.

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Mrs Helen Reaney - Acting Secretary


Contact me

Mrs Pamela Clarke

Responsibilities: Grooming Workshop Team, Show Team, Area Representative Admin.

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Mrs Suzi Gale

Responsibilities: Show Secretary, Facebook Moderator

Contact me

Ms Sue Gent

Responsibilities: Bulletin Editor; Puppy Enquiries.

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Miss Tracy Hammond

Responsibilities: Health Team, Breeders Directory & Litter Advert Administrator, Breeders Packs, Facebook Moderator, Website Team, Grooming Workshop Team.

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Miss Julia Nevinson

Responsibilities: Membership Secretary, Bookstall/Online Shop, Grooming Workshop Team, Wheaten Fun Day West Team, Wheaten Fun Day South Team

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Chair of Judges Sub-Committee: Steve Howe – Contact me

Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC): Rob Jones – Contact me

150 Club Co-ordinator: Suzi Ives – Contact me

Club Health Team Leader: Kate Watkins – Contact the Health Team

Website Team: Rob Cooper (Webmaster), Malcolm Jeffries (Shop), Stephen Donaldson (Consultant) & Denise Pascoe (Admin) – Contact the Webmaster

Rehome Co-ordinators: Rob & Kate Watkins – Contact the Rehome Team

Area Representative Co-ordinator: Diane Macgregor – Contact me

Puppy Pack Orders: Cynthia Pinnock – Contact me

RKC Breed Liaison Council Member: Rob Watkins

Club Archivist: Rob Watkins

Facebook Moderator: Harriet Bye

Year Book Editor: Louise Atyeo – Contact me