The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is an exuberant and affectionate breed. He loves everybody, and expects everyone to love him back with the same amount of enthusiasm.

But is the Wheaten the right breed for you, and are you the right family for a Wheaten Terrier?

The ‘Owning A Wheaten’ section is aimed at giving prospective owners the best advice to help them be sure they make the right choice when looking for a puppy to join their family, or if they are considering offering a new forever home to an older Wheaten Terriers who needs to be re-homed.

It covers topics including: –

Area Representatives – the Club has a network of Area Reps around the UK who you can visit and find out just what it is like to live with Wheaten Terriers. These visits also allow you to meet Wheaten Terriers in the home environment.

Responsible Breeders – this section looks at how you can make sure that the breeder you choose to get your puppy from, has bred them responsibly and raised them correctly.

Breeders’ Directory – this is a directory of Club Members who are breeders of Wheaten Terriers and who adhere to the Club’s Code of Ethics in terms of health testing and the correct rearing of puppies.

Litter Adverts – occasionally Club Members advertise any litters they have in this section.

Rehome – this section offers advice to both existing owners of Wheaten Terriers who may need to re-home their dog, and to prospective owners looking to offer a new forever home to a Wheaten Terrier.

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If you are considering having a puppy join your family, the following documents may also help you in your search. They aim to help advise if your are ready for a Wheaten Terrier (or any dog) to join your family, how to start looking for the right puppy, how to choose the right puppy.

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