In the sections below you will find information relating to our Judges & other Show related information.

These sections cover: –

* Our current SCWT Club of GB’s Judges’ Lists
* Information for Prospective Judges
* Judges’ Development & Training
* Information for Show Secretaries relating to Supported Entry & Show Sponsorship from our Club
* Judges who are scheduled to judge Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers and Championship Shows and our Club Open Shows

The SCWT Club of GB's Judges' Lists

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GB Judges’ Lists are compiled annually by the Club’s Judges Sub-Committee (JSC), at their meeting held at the National Terrier Show every April, and in accordance with The Kennel Club’s Code of Best Practice.

Updates for those Judges on the B and C Lists are requested annually, usually in January/February. Those whose status has changed will normally be notified in writing after the lists have been endorsed by the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GB main Committee in April/May, as will new applicants.

The Current Lists are as follows: –
The Judges A1 List can be downloaded here – 2021 A1 Judges List
The Judges A2 List can be downloaded here – 2021 A2 Judges List
The Judges A3 List can be downloaded here – 2021 A3 Judges List
The Judges B List can be downloaded here – 2021 B Judges List
The Judges C List can be downloaded here – 2021 C Judges List

The Judges List Criteria can be downloaded here – SCWT JUDGES LIST CRITERIA 2021

Information for Prospective Judges

Prospective Judges, who wish to be included on the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GB’s Judges’ List, need to submit their request, together with a completed Judge’s Application Form, to the Chairman of our JSC.

A copy of the Judge’s Application Form from the following link – SCWT Judges Application Form ,  or alternatively, you can email our JSC Chairman, Steve Howe, at sunnidayze2@gmail.com for a copy.

Judges' Development & Training

A2 Assessments for Judges on our Club B List or above.

A Judge on our Club B List or above, can make a request, through our Club’s JSC, to be assessed using the A2 questionnaire, when they are judging at a certain events/shows, including general Open Show, a Club Open Show or at a Championship show without CCs offered for the Breed.

However, Judges requesting an assessment should note, that there are some dependencies, such as number of dogs present on the day, availability of assessors etc., time between request and show, that may prevent an assessment taking place.

Three successful A2 assessments, from three separate assessors, are required before the Club will be able to submit an application on behalf of the Judge, to the Kennel Club for them to be consider the Judge for inclusion on the A2 list.

The Club strongly recommends that any eligible Judge considering this type of assessment, reads the Kennel Club document called A2 LIST JUDGES PROCEDURE so that they fully understand the process and requirements. A copy can be found on the following link – https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/media/577402/jd31_a2_judges_list_procedure_4.pdf

Key points are as follows: –

* Judges must already be on the Club’s B List or above to request an A2 assessment.
* All requests from Judges for A2 assessments must be made through the Club’s JSC. They should not be requested directly with a Judge or the Kennel Club, and not via the BEC. (The A2 assessment process is not part of the JCF development programme therefore the BEC cannot arrange these.)
* The Kennel Club process must be followed at all times.
* There must be 5 dogs present as a minimum at the event/show where the assessment is taking place
* Only when 3 successful A2 assessments, from three separate assessors, have been submitted to the Kennel Club, can the Club apply to the Kennel Club (on behalf of the Judge), for them to consider including the Judge on the A2 list.

Please note – Failure to follow the criteria and process in the Kennel Club document, may result in an assessment being made invalid.

Please give as much notice as possible (at least four weeks) if you wish to request an assessment.

Contact the JSC Chairman, Steve Howe, at sunnidayze2@gmail.com with your A2 assessment request, and provide the following information: –

* Your name
* Club’s Judges’ List you currently appear on
* Name of Show/Event you wish to be assessed at
* Date of Show
* Venue for Show
* Number of Classes
* Name and contact details of the Show Secretary


Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC)

The Breed Education Co-ordinator for Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers is SARA JOHN.

Sara will deal will all matters relating to the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) and the associated aspects of Judges’ education. For information regarding Breed Appreciation Days, Mentoring Sessions etc., please contact Sara in the first instance by email using the following link – Sara John 

Supported Entry & Show Sponsorship - Information for Society Secretaries

Show Secretaries please read below for details of both Supported Entry & Show Sponsorship options available for your open shows.


As part of the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club’s obligation to the KC, we are required to offer a Supported Entry to a minimum of 2 general or group open shows each year.

Supported Entry is available for Open Shows where an existing B List or A3 List Judge, or JCF Level 2 Judge, is appointed to judge SCWT classes, and where the Show is known to, or considered will, attract a good entry for our breed.

FYI – Show Secretaries should refer to the current lists of the SCWT Club Judges, which can be found at the top of this page.

In addition, where we agree to offer a Supported Entry, the SCWT Club of GB will also –

* Promote these shows to our Members via our Club Website and our Facebook page.
* Provide £10.00 sponsorship/donation to the Show Society

Show Society Secretaries should provide the following details to the Chairperson of the SCWT Club of GB at chairperson@wheaten.org.uk

1. A copy of the Show Schedule showing the appointed SCWT Judge, or other evidence of their appointment, e.g. copy of signed contract.
2. Details of who the sponsorship/donation cheque should be made out to and where it should be sent.



The following sponsorship donations will be made available, but these will only apply where a show appoints one of the SCWT Club of GB’s C List Judges (See note 1 below). This is offered to help aspiring Judges gain the experience required to progress to the B List.

Options 1 & 2 below apply to Terrier Only Breed Society/Association Open Shows only.
Option 3 applies to all other General Breed Open Shows.

* Option 1 – If a TERRIER ONLY BREED SOCIETY/ASSOCIATION appoints a C list BREED SPECIALIST Judge from the C List above, for Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Breed Classes at their Open Show, the SCWT Club of GB will support your show with a donation of £15.

* Option 2 – If a TERRIER ONLY BREED SOCIETY/ASSOCIATION appoints a C list NON-BREED SPECIALIST Judge  from the C List above, for Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Breed Classes at their Open Show, the SCWT Club of GB will support your show with a donation of £10.

* Option 3 – If a GENERAL BREED SOCIETY/ASSOCIATION appoints any C list Judge from the C List above, for Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Breed Classes at their Open Show, the SCWT Club of GB will support your show with a donation of £10.

Please notify the Chairperson, (email: chairperson@wheaten.org.uk), if you wish to claim a donation.

Please can you also forward a schedule of your show with your request, to the Chairperson, to confirm who you have appointed as Judge.

Note 1. To assist Shows where they have appointed a Judge who, at the time of signing their contract, was on our C List, but has subsequently progressed to our B List by the time of the show, the SCWT Club of GB will still agree to sponsor, as above, provided a copy of the Judges signed contract can be sent to the SCWT Chairperson to evidence this.

Judges Scheduled to Judge Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers at Championship and Club Shows.

To download the list of confirmed, scheduled SCWT Judges for Championship and Club Shows, please click on the link below for the year you wish to look at. The link will open in a new page.

(Please note – show dates are subject to change. Please check the official show schedules for any updates.)

Judges 2021

Judges 2022