Any Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club Members who breed, and who have been Members for at least 24 months, can apply to be included on the Breeders Directory for an annual fee of £15.
This includes free litter advertising (maximum 2 litters per year) and access to the Club’s Area Representatives network.

This will enable you to encourage anyone who contacts you direct to visit their local Area Representative (as previously) to meet a Wheaten Terrier in their home environment.

We strongly believe this is a key stage in making an informed decision as to whether the breed is the right one for the family and their individual circumstances, whilst keeping rehoming to a minimum.

All Breeders must:

  • have been a Club Member for a minimum of 24 months;
  • adhere to the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GB Code of Ethics, in particular the sections relating to the breeding and raising of a litter;
  • have a good understanding of current health issues & health testing;
  • provide sound advice on diet, grooming, wellbeing, exercise and socialisation;
  • provide assistance with the rehoming of, or accept the return of, a dog in the event the owner can no longer provide a suitable home;
  • all dogs must be KC registered

To email us for further information, or to ask about including your details in the Breeders Directory please click here

Prospective Owners who wish to look at the current Breeders Directory, please click on the following link 2024 Breeders Directory