Important Information – Welsh Assembly Proposals for the Licencing of Show Dogs.

As you may have already seen in the Dog Press over the last couple of weeks, the Welsh Assembly is planning a licensing scheme for all show dogs (as well as cats and horses) that are exhibited at any dog shows in Wales.

This will not just affect show dogs living in Wales and being shown there, it will affect ALL DOGS NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE, that could be shown at ANY DOG SHOW IN WALES.

Therefore, if you exhibit, you need to look at how this will affect you.

The proposal if implemented, will also affect the Show Societies themselves at both Championship and Open Show levels, as it has the potential to reduce their entry levels significantly. They cannot afford for this to happen as it could see the demise of many smaller societies who are already struggling with entries and costs; it would also have a significant impact for the two Welsh Championship Shows i.e. the WKC and SWKA shows, who could see their entries reduced in a big way.

There is a Consultation Document available that can be accessed via the Welsh government website at , which outlines the plans they have. You will also find ways to respond directly to them regarding this document on the same page.

The Kennel Club and Our Dogs are also doing their bit to help exhibitors fight against these proposals coming into law. As well as responding directly to the Welsh Assembly –

* The Kennel Club have given an outline of the proposals on their website and they have also prepared a letter that can be downloaded and personalised by exhibitors, which can then be sent to the Welsh Assembly. This can be found at  the following link –

* Our Dogs have also prepared a similar letter for exhibitors to send, which can be found at . They have also set up an on-line petition against the proposals which can be signed at

The Consultation period officially ends on 21st November 2019, BUT PLEASE DON’T WAIT UNTIL THEN TO RESPOND – DO IT NOW! That way you won’t forget to do it, and the Welsh Assembly may think twice before considering this idea further.