SCWT Annual Claimed Awards for 2019 – RESULTS

The claims for the Club’s 3 Annual Claimed Awards for 2019 have now been checked and verified, and we are very pleased to announce that the results are as shown below.
(A printable version can be downloaded here – SCWT Club of GB Annual Claimed Awards 2019 results)

Congratulations to all the winners!

The Eridanus Special Beginners Award
1st  Keevasdream White Linen  – 95 points (Springford)
2nd Eblanahalls Teckle Ish at Raisingsands – 65 points  (Taylor)
3rd  Eblanahalls SIlkbeard at Raisingsands – 63 points  (Taylor)

The Bacanti Firsts Cup
1st   Eblanahalls Honeytrap – 25 points (Lui)
2nd  Keevasdream White  Linen – 23 points (Springford)
3rd  Thistlebe Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls – 17 points (Lui)

The Variety Plate Challenge
1st Keevasdream White  Linen  – 94 points (Springford)
2nd Janeyjimjams Jem Devlin – 49 points (Grimes)